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 Entrance Exam

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PostSubject: Entrance Exam   Entrance Exam I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 26, 2012 5:55 pm

Upon entry into the Academy, you will have to take an entrance exam. This exam is a Match Duel (best of three) against one of our testers. Your tester will use a different deck each duel. You will have to use the same deck in every duel, this is so we can judge how you and your deck respond to different situations. The tester will give a you a grade based on your scores in three categories: Deck, Player, and Results.

Deck: (30)
Originality (15) - Using common meta decks will not get you a high score here. Plant Synchro, Agents, Dino Rabbits, and Inzektor Wind-Ups are automatically zero, unless you can show that you have significantly altered the play style through tech choices, and even then you will not receive a high score. While this does not mean that you have to play a completely unheard-of deck, try to be creative in your choice.
Playability (15) - Simply put, does the deck work? (Testers, remember: do not judge the deck based on your personal opinion. Be objective; does the card/deck work?)

Player: (40)
Attitude (10) - Be polite and respectful, and keep in mind that although it has its own category, your tester may give you a slightly lower grade in other categories than they would have if you piss them off. Be nice to the Tester!
Knowledge (10) - Know the rules of the game and the rulings for your cards, and your opponent's if possible. (Testers: everyone makes mistakes, even you. Do not take off unless it becomes an issue.)
Skill (20) - Skill is all about how well you play the deck. The more elaborate your deck and combos are, the more you can show off your skill. Think hard; misplaying will hurt your score.

Result: (30)
Game 1 (10) - You will receive a minimum of seven points for a win, and a maximum of six points for a loss. Variation in the scores comes from how severe the result is. If the tester has significant Card Advantage, and you simply manage to deal enough damage to win, you will likely receive only a seven, while if you lose a close game you will probably get the six. Conversely, if you dominate or are dominated, you will likely receive a ten or a zero (respectively).
Game 2 (10) - Same as Game 1.
Game 3 (10) - Same as Game 2. Game 3 is played no matter what the result of Games 1 and 2. Note: Game 3 is automatically considered a win if Games 1 and 2 are both wins, and likewise automatically a loss if Games 1 and 2 are both losses. Winning Game 3 after losing Games 1 and 2 will automatically get you a six, while losing Game 3 after winning Games 1 and 2 will automatically get you a seven.

Keep in mind that your scores are determined by what your tester thinks. Tester decisions are final. Complaining about your score results in an automatic demotion.

Based on your final score, you will be placed into one of the following dorms.
Red-Eyes B. Chick: 0-30
Red-Eyes Wyvern: 31-60
Red-Eyes B. Dragon: 61-75
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon: 76-90
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon: 91-100
If you are within five points of a cutoff, the tester can add or remove up to five points in order to change your result, if they so choose. For example, if the tester feels that your Results were not representative of your actual skill level, they might place you in Red-Eyes B. Dragon even if you only scored a 56.
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Entrance Exam
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